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AdjusterPro and All-Lines Training have partnered with ProctorFree to ensure students can take their exams online while staying compliant. In addition to some pre-licensing courses, nine states require a proctor for all Continuing Education courses. These proctored states previously required an impartial third party to supervise exams. However, online proctoring technology now allows for remote monitoring of exams through a computer’s webcam, eliminating the need for an in-person proctor. This technology has made it easier for students to take their exams and complete their CE from the comfort of their own homes while maintaining the same level of security and integrity.

Online proctoring is a convenient and reliable option for those studying to become adjusters or producers, or who must complete proctored CE. A third-party proctor is still allowed, but online proctoring makes the process much easier. AdjusterPro and All-Lines Training are committed to streamlining the licensing and training experience – including a more modern approach to exam proctoring. We offer our online proctoring at no additional charge where proctoring is required in Pre-licensing courses. For our enterprise clients, we offer proctored Continuing Education courses for a nominal fee. 

AdjusterPro and All-Lines Training’s courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass their adjuster licensing exams and to stay compliant through Continuing Education. With the help of ProctorFree’s remote proctoring technology, students can complete their courses confidently, knowing that they are being monitored closely and that their exam results will be accurate and reliable. Additionally, the convenience of taking exams online means that students can study and prepare for their exams on their schedule, making it easier than ever to achieve their career goals.

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