Florida 4-40 Customer Representative License

Most insurance agencies in Florida require employees to hold a 4-40 customer representative license. Our Certified Insurance Representative (CIR) Designation has helped thousands of reps get their license since launching in 2010. It is the fastest and most convenient way to become a licensed Customer Representative in Florida.

The course is 100% online so you can take as long as you need to complete the course, but don’t delay applying for your license after passing the exam. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to an exciting new career!

All-Lines Training is also excited to offer the 2-20 Conversion Course. If you hold a 4-40, 20-44, or an 0-55 Florida license and have worked in insurance for a year, you can complete the conversion course to obtain the 2-20 general lines producer license.

See FLORIDA STATUTE 626.221 (J) where certification By All-Lines Training is approved as an alternative to the state exam.

  • Florida 4-40 Customer Representative License

    Our Florida 4-40 Customer Representative License Course is the fastest and most convenient way to get your license. Our course is 100% online and self-paced so you can study when and where it works for you. After you finish the 40-hour course and pass the included exam, we’ll send your completion certificate directly to the state. With no need for additional testing, you’re ready to apply for your license.

    • Interactive quiz builders
    • Practice exams
    • Printable PDFs and Glossary
    • Optional course audio narration
    • Digital notation and bookmarking tools
    • Award-winning customer service
    • No course expiration date
    • Waives the state exam
    • Click for Spanish version

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  • Florida 2-20 License Conversion Course

    If you have a Florida 4-40 customer rep, 20-44, or 0-55 license but want to become a fully licensed general lines agent, this course is for you!

    Our Florida 2-20 Conversion Course allows certain Florida license holders with one year of work experience to obtain the 2-20 insurance license without taking the full 200-hour course. The course is 100% online and self-paced so you can study when and where it works for you. After you complete the 40-hour course, you will have satisfied the state’s pre-licensing requirement and can move on to the state exam. After successfully passing the exam, you’ll submit proof of work experience and pre-licensing with your application.

    • Interactive quiz builders
    • Practice exams
    • Printable PDFs and Glossary
    • Optional course audio narration
    • Digital notation and bookmarking tools
    • Flash cards
    • Award-winning customer service
    • Lifetime access

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    *Only Florida 4-40, 20-44, 0-55 license holders should take this course*


  • Licencia de Representante de Clientes (CIR) 4-40 de la Florida

    Nuestro curso de licencia de representante de clientes Florida 4-40 es la forma más rápida y conveniente de obtener su licencia. Nuestro curso es 100% en línea y a su propio tiempo para que pueda estudiar cuándo y dónde le convenga. Después de que termine el curso de 40 horas y apruebe el examen incluido, enviaremos su certificado de finalización directamente al estado. Sin necesidad de pruebas adicionales, estará listo para solicitar su licencia.

    • Cuestionarios interactivos
    • Exámenes de practica
    • PDF y glosario imprimibles
    • Herramientas de notación digital y marcadores
    • Premiado servicio al cliente en español
    • Sin fecha de vencimiento
    • Exonera del examen estatal



    Si tiene una licencia de representante al cliente 4-40, 20-44 o 0-55 de Florida pero desea convertirse en un agente de líneas generales con licencia completa, ¡este curso es para usted!

    Nuestro curso de conversión 2-20 de Florida permite a ciertos titulares de licencias de la Florida con un año de experiencia laboral obtener la licencia de seguros 2-20 sin tomar el curso completo de 200 horas. El curso es 100% en línea y a su propio ritmo para que pueda estudiar cuando y donde le convenga. Después de completar el curso de 40 horas, habrá cumplido con el requisito de licencia previa del estado y podrá pasar al examen estatal. Después de aprobar con éxito el examen, presentará prueba de experiencia laboral y licencia previa con su solicitud.

    • Constructores de cuestionarios interactivos
    • Exámenes de práctica
    • PDF imprimibles y glosario
    • Herramientas de notación digital y marcadores
    • Servicio al cliente premiado
    • Acceso de por vida

    *Solo los titulares de licencias de la Florida 4-40, 20-44, 0-55 deben tomar este curso*


  • Florida 4-40 License
    + CE Package

    Get your Florida 4-40 License plus the continuing education you will need for your first license renewal in one discounted bundle. This package includes the 4-40 license course plus the state exam. Complete the course and pass the included exam, and you can apply for your license. No additional coursework or testing is required.

    Once you have the license in hand, your CE will be ready for you to take whenever you’re ready. The courses won’t expire so you can complete them at your own pace. It’s the fastest and most economical way to jumpstart your successful insurance career.

    • Florida Certified Insurance Representative 4-40 Course
      • 4-40 License Exam
      • Printable PDFs and glossary
      • Practice exams & flash cards
    • 10-Hour CE Package
      • Required Florida 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update
      • Basics of Commercial Liability
      • Property & Equipment Breakdown Coverages
      • Liability & Commercial Crime

    Do not begin your CE hours until you have received your 4-40 license. You will not get credit for CE hours completed prior to receiving your 4-40 license.




  • How do I get a Florida Customer Service Representative (4-40) License?

    To obtain your Florida Customer Service Representative (4-40) license, complete the following steps:

    1. Meet the basic Florida Customer Service Representative (4-40) Licensing Requirements

      • Be a natural person at least 18 years of age
      • Be a resident of the State of Florida
      • Be a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services

    2. Complete the required Florida Customer Service Representative Course with state exam through AdjusterPro

    3. Process and submit Fingerprints according to instructions at Florida Department of Financial Services (FLDFS) Fingerprinting Requirements

    4. Submit application through MyProfile

    • Applicants concerned with criminal background questions on the application can view a list of Disqualifying Crimes provided by the state
    • You must submit your application within 4 years of receiving your certificate of completion

    5. If required, submit Proof of Citizenship Documentation

    6. Check to see if your license has been issued by logging into MyProfile

    See complete licensing details, including nonresident information at FLDFS Licensing Information.

  • How do I convert to a Florida 2-20 insurance agent/producer license?

    To obtain your Florida agent/producer license if you already have your 4-40, 20-44, or 0-55 license, complete the following steps:

    • Meet the basic Florida Producer License Requirements
      • A natural person at least 18 years of age.
      • A resident of the state of Florida.
    • Complete 1 year of being a licensed and appointed Customer Representative (4-40), Personal Lines Agent (20-44), or Service Representative (0-55)
    • Complete the All-Lines Training 2-20 course
    • Apply for your license online through MyProfile.
    • Register and pass the state exam with PearsonVue.
      • Detailed information on the exam process is available in the candidate handbook
  • What are the Florida 4-40 license continuing education and renewal requirements?

    You must renew your Florida 4-40 License every two years. While there is no renewal fee, license-holders do need to complete 10 hours of continuing education every renewal period and submit proof to the state in order to stay compliant.

    The 10-hours of CE must consist of the 4-hour Florida Law and Ethics Update and an additional 6 hours of elective credits.

    AdjusterPro offers a state-approved 4-hr Florida Law & Ethics Update course, as well as a 4-40 License CE Package that will completely satisfy your CE requirements.

    To see complete details on the 4-40 license, visit the Florida Department of Insurance 4-40 Documents. You can also contact the department at (850) 413-3137 or agentlicensing@myfloridacfo.com.

  • Is there opportunity for career growth with a Florida 4-40 license?

    The simple answer: YES!

    Today, insurance is a part of every aspect of our lives. The industry is one of the largest in the world and employs millions of people in hundreds of different jobs and roles. No matter what your interest, there is likely a position in the insurance industry to suit your talents.

    On a smaller scale, the 4-40 License is a great way to break into this booming industry. Working as a customer rep will help you learn about the industry and insurance policies and give you real-world experience should you decide to become a full-fledged agent. Once you have taken our CIR Designation course and worked for 1 year as a licensed 4-40 rep, you qualify to apply for the 2-20 general agent license. In comparison, those who do not have their 4-40 license must take a 200-hour course and pass the state exam before applying.

  • What are the fees to get a Florida 4-40 Customer Service Representative License?

    • Florida Customer Service Representative Course: $249
    • Initial Licensing and Application Fee: $57.45
      • $57.45 includes $50 application fee, $5 license ID fee, and $2.45 Credit card company convenience fee
    • Fingerprint Fee: $48.55
    • No renewal fee
  • Who needs a Florida 4-40 license?

    The 4-40 customer representative license is required to work for most insurance agents and agencies in Florida. It’s designed for salaried employees of insurance agencies, not agents or brokers who earn the majority of their pay from sales commissions. The 4-40 license allows you to make quotes, explain policies to clients, and provide valuable assistance to sales agents.

  • Why should I choose All-Lines Training?

    Our team is passionate about providing the best insurance training courses and online classroom experience in the industry. We started small, with just a few courses that focused on the insurance adjuster market. But after releasing adjuster courses for every state, we’re focused on taking our national solution to the producer market.

    We are committed to helping you succeed at every step of your insurance career. All-Lines Training has actually been a business for far longer than most people realize. We’ve offered our Florida courses under the AdjusterPro brand for years and now going to expand our All-Lines offerings to include all things agent!

    At All-Lines Training, we believe in serving our customers with transparency, honesty, and adhering to the Golden Rule, treating others as we would want to be treated.

    Building our company upon these principles, here are a few other ways we differentiate from the competition:

    • All-Lines Training is a part of AdjusterPro, the nation’s leading provider of adjuster licensing and training. AdjusterPro has been in business for over 10 years and has trained over 50,000 adjusters. We also serve 8 of the country’s top 10 insurance carriers.
    • Our simple, engaging online training was created to help you comprehend and retain information
    • Keeping your license compliant is simple with our convenient continuing education courses
    • You’ll receive honest answers from our dedicated (real-people) customer engagement team
    • 98.4% customer satisfaction rating

    Whether you are just starting to explore the insurance industry or a Fortune 500 company, All-Lines Training is here to help you reach your goals and achieve success.

4-40 Course Reviews

  • Helpful Resources

    Great platform, and excellent outline structure of the lesson modules. Course was easy to follow along, and study guides, bookmarks, quiz builder and class resources were very helpful. Thank you.

    J. Hayes
  • Best Online Courses I've Taken

    This was one of the best online courses I have taken. I love the fact that it allowed me to go back over the parts that I needed help with. I also like the fact that you can go to the test and see the parts you really needed to study. I will definitely be using them to further my insurance education. #thumbsup

    S. Smith
  • Most Thorough

    I have worked in banking for the last 30 years and just switched over....this is the most thorough training I had received in many years!

  • Simple & Fast

    The online CIR Designation course was exactly what I needed – a simple and fast means to my 440 license. Thanks!

    Jerod K.
  • Easy to Understand

    The study modules were packed with information. The course itself is very easy to follow and understand. The quizzes are extremely helpful to prepare you for the final exam.

    Juan M.

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