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For insurance agents looking to complete their continuing education (CE) requirements, All-Lines Training has good news. We’ve introduced two exceptional CE packages tailored to meet the needs of today’s insurance professionals. Each package was tailored to offer a variety of insurance-related courses that fulfill the mandatory CE hours required by your state for renewal.

Producer Example CE Package #1: Comprehensive and Essential
24 Hours Total – $49.00

Stay informed and compliant with our curated bundle that not only includes mandatory courses but also enriches your understanding of foundational insurance topics.

Courses in this package may include:

  • Law & Ethics Update: A state-required update ensuring you’re on top of all the latest legal and ethical considerations in the industry.
  • Back to Basics: A Review: Refresh your foundational knowledge of insurance.
  • Earning Ethically: Delve deep into the ethics of insurance to ensure you’re always doing right by your customers.
  • Excluded Coverages: An exploration of specific coverages that don’t make the cut.
  • Business Insurance: Get a solid grasp on insurance specifically tailored for commercial policies.


Producer Example CE Package #2: A Deep Dive Into Specialized Topics
24 Hours Total – $49.00

For those looking to expand their horizons, this bundle goes beyond the basics, offering a mix of required courses and specialized subjects for a well-rounded understanding.

Courses in this package may include:

  • Earning Ethically: Learn about the history of ethics, agents’ ethical responsibilities, and unfair practices in the insurance industry.
  • Agents & Outlaws: Legal Stuff You Should Know: A closer look at the intricacies of insurance law that every agent should know.
  • Private Property Insurance: Enhance your expertise in insuring residential and private properties.
  • Workers’ Comp Principles in Simple English: Understand the nuances of Workers’ Comp without the jargon.
  • The Basics of Commercial Liability: Equip yourself with knowledge of common business liabilities and the reasons for providing coverage.
  • Farm & Crop Insurance: Dive into the specifics of agricultural insurance.
  • Commercial Property & Equipment Breakdown Coverages: Learn about insuring commercial assets and equipment.
  • Ocean & Inland Marine Insurance: Venture into the realm of marine insurance, covering both oceanic and inland risks.


All courses in both packages are approved for CE hours, ensuring you get the credit you deserve.

Whether you’re looking to solidify your foundational knowledge or explore specialized insurance subjects, All-Lines Training has got you covered. Our two new CE packages are designed to provide insurance agents with valuable, relevant, and state-approved education. Sign up today and complete your CE hours at your convenience!

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