Certified Insurance Representative (CIR) Designation FAQ:

Answers to the Most Common Questions About the Florida 4-40 CR License and the CIR Designation

What is the 4-40 license?

The 4-40 Florida Customer Representative license is required to become a legal FL Customer Representative, defined as "a salaried employee of the general lines (property and casualty) agent or agency that may transact automobile, water craft, home, motorcycle, and pet insurance under the supervision of a licensed and appointed general lines agent."

What are the requirements for obtaining a Florida 4-40 license?

  • Be a natural person at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a resident of the state of Florida.
  • Be a US Citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services.
  • Complete an online application for License and submit appropriate fees. Apply for license
  • Be fingerprinted at one of the Department's fingerprint sites. Fingerprint locations and additional information
  • If licensed in another state within three years, provide a Letter of Clearance
  • Requirements for applicants with prior criminal history (click here)
  • Complete the State Exam (and all pre-exam requirements) or obtain an approved designation such as NACCIA's Certified Insurance Representative.

How does the CIR Designation work relative to the 4-40?

Florida Statute 626.221(j) identifies several professional designations that exempt those that hold the designation from having to take the 4-40 state exam or other coursework prior to licensure. One such designation is the Certified Insurance Designation (CIR) offered by AdjusterPro through NACCIA.

Effectively, the CIR Designation represents the safest, easiest, and most cost effective way to get a Florida 4-40 license by allowing you to sidestep the state exam and its multitude of requirements.

Can I obtain the CIR Designation online?

Yes, our 100% online, self-paced Certified Insurance Representative Designation satisfies all educational and examination requirements for you to immediately obtain your 4-40 Florida Customer Representative license.