California Insurance Agent/Producer License

Our development team is working hard on insurance agent/producer pre-licensing courses for California.

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  • How do I get a California Agent/Producer License?

    To obtain your California agent/producer license, complete the following steps:

    • Prepare for the state exam with an All-Lines Training California Pre-Licensing Course
    • Register and the exam through PSI.
      • Detailed information on the exam process is available in the candidate handbook
      • Applicants may take one examination and apply for a Property and Casualty Broker-Agent license by selecting both the ‘Property Broker-Agent’ and the ‘Casualty Broker-Agent’ license types
    • Get a fingerprint background check from Accurate Biometrics or your PSI Testing Center.
    • Apply for your license online through Sircon or through the National Insurance Producer Registry.
  • What are the fees to obtain a California Insurance Producer License?

    • All-Lines Pre-licensing course: launching in Fall 2022
    • Exam Fee: $58
    • Application Fee: $188
    • Fingerprinting Fee: $59 with Accurate Biometrics or $68.95 with PSI
    • Renewal Fee: $188
  • California Department of Insurance Department Contact Information


    Mailing Address: 

    California Department of Insurance

    Producer Licensing Bureau

    320 Capitol Mall

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Phone: (800) 967-9331


  • What is reciprocity?

    Reciprocity, or reciprocal licensing privileges, allows a licensed insurance agent or producer to obtain another state(s) license without having to pass that specific state’s exam. Thank goodness, right? Once you have your home state license, you can apply for other state licenses through reciprocity and then you are legally able to sell insurance in those states as well. It’s important to note that reciprocal licenses are only available for the same lines of authority. So, for example, you can’t hold a Personal Lines Producer license in one state, and then apply and receive an All Lines license in another.

    Reciprocity doesn’t happen automatically.  You must obtain your home state license first and it needs to be in good standing to qualify. Then you’ll need to complete the required paperwork and submit the licensing fees and you will need to register with NIPR for home state and nonresident state licenses.

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    Our team is passionate about providing the best insurance training courses and online classroom experience in the industry. We started small, with just a few courses that focused on the insurance adjuster market. But after releasing adjuster courses for every state, we’re focused on taking our national solution to the producer market.

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